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Regular Expression Designer is a powerful interactive utility that helps you to build and test regular expressions (set of strings used in almost any programming language). This application is intended for programmers, especially for beginners to improve their programming skills, who have problems when interpreting and formulating strings. Regular Expression Designer is easy to use and effective. The program’s interface is divided into several sections, such as Input text, Regular expression, Replace expression, Replace results, Options, Match results, Language elements. You can change the size of every section and also replace them. Using the “Options” section you can apply to your data such options as ignore case, explicit capture, single/multi line, ignore pattern and others. The “Language elements” option provides you with a library of different regular expression components and symbols, which allows you to compose your expressions quicker and easier. The “Match results” option shows all the matches in groups: protocol, domain and path. Besides, Regular Expression Designer gives you the possibility to save the results for further use.

Systems: Windows

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